Track 15: Lipids in Molecular Medicine

Track 15: #Lipids in #Molecular #Medicine
Clinical drugs which communicate with the lipids of membrane and which alter the composition of cell membranes can also change their localization and the activity of the membrane proteins. Several drugs which are used to fight against cancerscardiovascular diseasesobesity and other pathologies, determine the structure of lipid in plasma membrane and....
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Track 14: Enzymology in Food Processing & Technology

Track 14: #Enzymology in #Food#Processing & #Technology

Food enzymology deals with all the aspects of the enzymology which are related to the food systems. The basic aspects of the food enzymology are the methods for measuring the enzyme activities; extraction of the enzymes from microbial, plant and animal systems; methods of purification of enzyme as well as its characterization; and regulation of enzymatic activities by activators, inhibitors, and via covalent modification.. 

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Track 13: Enzymology & Thermodynamics

Track 13: #Enzymology & #Thermodynamics

In the presence of an enzyme, the reaction runs in the same direction as it would run without an enzyme, but just more quickly. The reaction rate is dependent on the activation energy which is needed to form the transition state which then transforms into products...

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Track 12: Industrial Applications of Enzymology

Track 12; #Industrial #Applications of #Enzymology

Enzymes are used nowadays in chemical industries and for some  industrial purposes where extremely specific catalysts are required for industrial uses. Enzymes in general are rare in number of reactions they have evolved to catalyse and also by the lack of stability in organic solvents and at very high temperatures...
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Track 11: Enzyme Nanotechnology

Track 11: #Enzyme #Nanotechnology

The nanomaterials possess ideal characteristics to equilibrate principal factors which determine biocatalysts efficiency, including specific surface area, mass transfer resistance and effective enzyme loading. This review presents the current scenario and techniques in enzyme immobilization. Some methods are used which are efficient to combine proteins/enzymes with nanoparticles....

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Track 10 : Enzyme Toxicology

Track 10 : #Enzyme #Toxicology

Enzyme Toxicology is unremarkable, except the potential irritating effects usually associated with some proteases at high concentrations, and the allergic effects of enzymes. Like anything one is exposed to, the dose makes the poison; thus, with certain enzymes, a sufficient excess in exposure can lead to irritation. Enzymes are like the majority of food proteins so that oral exposure to the gut is entirely without effect, except perhaps at very high, unrealistic, exposure levels..

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